Our Mission

Our puppies are well raised, with emphasize on health and social aspects. They can serve you in multiple roles, either as a family dog always willing to play with your kids or to be a dog for nosework or exhibitions such as dog agility! Furthermore, they are all registered in SKK, vaccinated, have microchip implanted and certificate of veterinary inspection!

Our Promise

We promise that all dogs from our kennel are well bred and healthy. They should have a long life span consisted of love, cuddling and play with their new family.

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Our dogs are registered in SKK

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Our dogs are very social with people, children and other dogs

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You and your dog are very important to us and we will always be there for you



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Our Booking Space

Thank you for showing interest in buying one of our puppies or for thinking that we meet your specific order requirements. Either way feel free to fill out the application form and we will contact you as soon as we review your order details. We are very careful with the choice of a new family for our puppies, therefore we do not stick to ‘first come first served’ rule. Thank you for believing in our mission!

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Are we registered in SKK?

Yes, we are a kennel that is registered in SKK (Swedish Kennel Club).

Are puppies insured?

All puppies are insured in Folksam when they leave us.

Do puppies have a pedigree?

Yes, all puppies are registered in SKK and have a pedigree.

Will we be able to see both of the parents?

Currently it is very common for puppies to be bought outside of Sweden therefore people are not able to see their parents, which according to us is not right! We breed our own dogs so both mother and father of puppies live with us and you will be able to see them and see for yourself how they behave.



Motala, Sweden





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